Azapay and GIGM announce integration partnership streamlining transfer payment.

Azapay, a cardless-based payment solution that enables a variety of seamless payment options, and God is Good Motors (GIGM) on May, 2022 announced the availability of an integration between the two companies to streamline transfer payment for every customer.

The azapay merchant solution provides businesses with an easy way to verify transfer payments, with the ability to track every transaction in real-time, thereby approving every customer's payments instantly.

Though digital banking has become the trend, it has also made businesses vulnerable to many internet scams like fake alerts, card clones, payment disputes, etc. Forcing businesses to stop accepting transfer payments from customers. But with the azapay merchant, companies now have bank-grade security encryption with admittance to monitor cash flow through their dashboard and a linked azapay device, avoiding any form of a payment dispute or loss.

Customers can now walk into any GIGM location to make transfer payments and get approved in less than 60sec. Azapay users have the luxury of booking a trip and making payments directly from their azapay app. The integration between these companies has fostered a transparent environment and a safe space for GIGM and its customers.;

"It is my pleasure to announce that you can now make transfer payment at any GIGM location in Lagos and get approved without hassle or delay. Azapay offers a seamless and cardless banking solution, and this partnership will help make online banking safe and reliable again," said Jacquelyn Madu, Azapay CEO.

With this integration, GIGM never has to worry about having unbalanced accounts or angry customers. Azapay has created a user experience that amplifies business performance, making them SUPER MERCHANTS.