Azapay introduces Nigerians to a future of seamless cardless banking.

A Nigerian fintech brand, Azapay, introduces a cardless-based payment solution that enables users to perform a variety of seamless transactions. It eliminates the everyday need to move with an ATM card or an account number. The platform, launched in December 2021, provides customers with an azatag. Users can now send and receive money with a phone number, email address, and the azatag.

The CEO and founder of Azapay, Jacquelyn Madu, said the platform was born out of the need to create better financial transaction flow for the average Nigerian business owner. "We feel the frustration an average business owner goes through while trying to complete an online transaction. Due to poor network, most businesses experience card-related issues, fake alerts, or declined transactions. For this reason, we created the "#azatag". A bridge that would connect our users directly to a world of cardless banking, thereby making it possible to withdraw money and pay merchants seamlessly".

The Azapay app also allows users to request money from other azapay users, send money anonymously, and find cashMe reps around them. This way, everyone can make financial transactions within minutes. She added.

The Chief Technical Officer, Moshood Abiola, explained the innovation behind the app. "The Azatag is a user's unique verification tag (could be #yourname) that allows an azapay user to withdraw money without using a card. Customers can make payments directly to a merchant for goods/services rendered without worrying about an ATM card."

Explaining further, he said, "A business/merchant, azapay gives you the amplification to become "super merchants" to your customers. Opening your business to multiple payment options while sustaining an open mind between you and your customers."

Besides allowing seamless transactions, the innovative app drastically reduces the rate of fake alerts, and other scams merchants deal with daily. If a customer isn't an Azapay user, the merchant can generate a "timed account" for that transaction using the "Azapay device". The Azapay device enables total transparency between a business and payment made. This way, businesses can track every deal in real-time, thus making it possible for a merchant to verify a transaction in less than one minute of initiation without needing the confirmation of a supervisor.

Customers can walk into any business venture through the platform and perform transactions using their azatag. It promotes a seamless system for merchants as well. Azapay Cashme reps don't require a POS device. With a smartphone, they can make transactions and enjoy a cheaper rate than other platforms.

Azapay believes in making transactions magical and extraordinary for its users while ushering them into a future of easy banking.


Azapay is a cardless online payment solution that was founded in 2021. We provide users with a variety of payment options that encourages easy banking. We specialize in making every payment fast, transparent and cardless. Our business mission is to bridge the existing money transfer gap between customers, business owners, and users. Please contact us at to learn more about all we can offer.


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